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Naim Uniti Atom & Focal Chora 826 (Dark Wood)

Naim Uniti Atom & Focal Chora 826 (Dark Wood)
Naim Uniti Atom & Focal Chora 826 (Dark Wood)
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  • Model: Naim Uniti Atom
  • Weight: 28.20kg
  • Dimensions: 303.00mm x 388.00mm x 1,053.00mm
  • SKU: BS100000289

”A streamer that not only looks great but sounds great.” ’What Hi-Fi?’ 2020 award-winner.

Good things come in small packages

It might be small, but that doesn’t prevent the Naim Uniti Atom from packing in a top quality 40 watt amp, class-leading music streamer and a whole host of connectivity. Perfect as a high-end system in its own right or as part of Naim’s impressive multi-room audio, just add speakers for a breath-taking audio experience.

Award-winning Naim sound quality

Unlike most small systems, the Uniti Atom is built to the same standards as high-end hi-fi. This means hand-wired digital and analogue circuitry for low distortion, aluminium casing and heatsinks for rigidity and vibration resistance and an oversize, toroidal power transformer for ample power. With 40 watts per channel, the Uniti Atom is happy partnering most speakers and fills all but the largest of rooms with Naim’s typically upbeat and involving sound.

Ultimate music streamer

With Naim’s award-winning music-streaming platform at its heart, the Uniti Atom delivers the finest audio. Developed by 25 engineers, over three years and featured in their flagship, £20,000 ND555 streamer, nothing competes for ease of use and quality. Simply download the Naim app and take control of all your music-streaming needs.

Stream music your way

Whichever way you stream your music, the Uniti delivers. With direct access to Spotify Connect (Premium Spotify account required), Tidal and thousands of Internet radio stations, you can enjoy near limitless music. Chromecast is built-in, seamlessly linking to hundreds of supporting apps, such as Deezer, Qobuz and SoundCloud. If you prefer to stream within your own network, UPnP (Universal Plug n’ Play) is also supported – right up to High Resolution 32 bit/384 kHz files.

AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth

Stream music from your Apple device or iTunes with AirPlay 2 and you’ll not only hear your music library or favourite music service but also take advantage of Apple’s multiroom system. Alternatively, for a quick and easy link for anyone in the room, link a smartphone by Bluetooth and share the music instantly.

Multiroom magic

As well as Apple’s AirPlay 2, the Uniti Atom offers two other ways to go multiroom. Either go Google or, better still, use the Naim app to link up all your compatible Naim products. The slick Naim app then lets you listen to the same music all around your home or different music in different rooms. The latest Uniti range is also Roon Ready for enhanced music searching.

Transform your TV’s sound

Amongst its many features, the Uniti Atom also comes with an HDMI ARC socket. This is the ideal connection for a TV, giving your TV the potential for a huge boost in sound. Now you can get a massive upgrade to your TV’s sound as well as music playback, without the need for separate soundbar or sound base.

The centre of your system

As well as HDMI, the Unit Atom also comes with a wide range of inputs. Twin USB sockets (front and rear) are ideal for connecting temporary and permanent media devices. You can store up to 20,000 tracks to a local USB connected device, making this the ideal way to access your digital music library. Three digital inputs are perfect for sources such as a CD/DVD/Blu-ray player, games console and TV set-top box, while the analogue RCA input is ideal for a turntable (with pre-amp built-in).


As well as a handy headphone output, the Uniti Atom also features a preamp RCA output. This can be used for a wide choice of options, including connecting your choice of active subwoofer, connecting an upgrade power amp or simply using the Uniti Atom as a stand-alone music streamer in your existing hi-fi.

Exquisite design

Unlike most music systems, the Uniti Atom is a delight to use, even without the control app. The precision volume control is based on the mega-bucks Statement amp and is a joy to use. Offering ultra-smooth rotation and clear visual segment lighting, it’s probably the volume control you’ll be using the most. Typical of Naim’s attention to detail, the volume control also incorporates the Bluetooth antenna for a seamless style.

Full colour display

Featuring a full-colour display, the Uniti Atom provides rich images of artwork and content. The comprehensive display also shows input information, music metadata and more. Fitted with proximity sensors, the screen ‘wakes’ as you approach.

The flagship Focal Chora 826 produces a big, powerful sound for a thrilling experience.

Ideal for cinematic and big-scale stereo sound

With the largest cabinet in the Chora range, plus an impressive array of drivers, the 826 punches hard. The size makes it ideal for larger rooms and effortless performance at high volume levels. Thanks to its front-facing bass port, this stylish Focal speaker works well placed closer to a rear wall than usual.

Twin woofers for thumping bass

This 3-way Focal speaker has not one but two woofers dedicated to bass; in each speaker. Delivering bass response to match many a subwoofer, the Chora 826 digs deeper and goes louder. Ideal for under-pinning all-action soundtracks or stadium music alike, the Chora 826 delivers expansive, powerful bass.

Time alignment gives enhanced cohesion

The Chora 826 features a time alignment stand. This tilts the speaker upwards, meaning the sound from the tweeter and woofer is aligned in the time it takes to reach your ears. Time alignment provides better interaction between treble and mid-range, making the music sound more cohesive and ‘together’ across the frequency response.

Slatefiber cone for balanced sound

The three characteristics required for smooth, natural sound from a speaker driver are rigidity, lightness and damping. Focal’s impressive new Slatefiber cone hits all three targets – and then some. Using non-woven, carbon fibres, sandwiched between layers of thermoplastic polymer, the woofer cone provides the perfect composition for smooth, precise sound – whatever the type of music.

TNF tweeters for smooth precision

Derived from the reference Focal Utopia’s Beryllium tweeter, the TNF tweeters use aluminium and magnesium with Poron suspension for an exceptionally smooth yet detailed sound. The Poron surround reduces distortion at a point critical to human hearing, giving silky-smooth treble. The classic Focal inverted dome is also present – helping to give a broader spread of sound in your room.

Sleek style – just choose your colour

Crisp, contemporary design makes these speakers stand out, without jarring. The crisp edges contrast with the magnetically attached, rounded grille. Choose between black, dark wood and light wood finishes for a style that best suits your room.

Focal Chora 826 (Dark Wood)


Brand Focal

Colour Dark Wood

Sensitivity (dB) 91

Impedance (ohms) 8

Power Rating (Watts) 250

Speaker Enclosure Type Bass Reflex

Weight (KG) 21.2

Freq Response (Hz) 48 - 28,000

Speaker Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 303 x 388 x 1053

Naim Uniti Atom


Brand Naim

Apple AirPlay Yes

Power Output - Watts per CH 40 x 2

Phono Input No

Optical Digital Inputs 2

USB Input 2 (Front and Rear)

XLR Inputs No

Power Amp In No

Pre Output Yes

Sub Output Yes (combined with Pre Output)

Headphone Output Yes

Speaker Sets 1

Remote Control yes

Bluetooth Yes

Internet Radio Services Yes

Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 245 x 265 x 95

Analogue RCA Inputs 1

High Resolution Audio Yes

Wi-Fi Built In yes

Weight (KG) 7

Smartphone control Yes


Power Consumption- Normal Use 90

Power Consumption - Standby 0.5/2

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