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Sonos AMP (Black) & DALI OBERON 5 (Light Oak)

Sonos AMP (Black) & DALI OBERON 5 (Light Oak)
Sonos AMP (Black) & DALI OBERON 5 (Light Oak)
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  • Model: Sonos AMP
  • Weight: 12.90kg
  • Dimensions: 217.00mm x 217.00mm x 64.00mm
  • SKU: BS100000288

Get the power and connectivity your Sonos system deserves, with the flexible Sonos Amp.

The perfect Sonos for many options

If you love Sonos but want to keep and integrate your own high quality speakers, then the Sonos Amp is for you. With a mighty 125 watts per channel, it’s ideal for all speakers, including floorstanders and installation speakers. A wide range of inputs also make the Amp ideal for connecting a TV, games console, turntable (with phono pre-amp) or other music device.

Powerful amp built-in

With a mighty 125 watts per channel, the Amp is over twice as powerful as the Sonos Connect Amp. This level of power makes all the difference with inefficient speakers or for when you’re running larger speakers that need to fill a big room with immersive sound. For even more bass, use the sub output to connect your choice of powered subwoofer.

Top quality sound

The Sonos Amp isn’t just about power, it’s about sound quality, too. Featuring a Direct-digital feedback amplifier with discrete output stage, the Amp uses separate components for the highest quality sound and lowest distortion. Obsessive attention to detail even runs to black, painted circuit boards. These radiate heat better, keeping the Amp cooler for longer.

Connect up your TV and Hi-Fi

A handy HDMI socket makes it easy to connect your TV. If you’ve no spare HDMI socket on your TV, then purchasing an optional Sonos optical to HDMI convertor lets you use the TV’s optical output. For hi-fi sources, the Amp has a set of line level RCA phonos. These are perfect for a CD player, turntable (with built-in phono pre-amp) or any other music source with a line level output.

Sonos streaming

Use the award-winning Sonos app to play all your music in all your rooms. Compatible with not just the music stored on your device but also over 80 streaming services, the Sonos app is the only music app you need. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Napster and Deezer are just a handful of the most popular services supported.

The Sonos system

Sonos gets better when you add more speakers. Play a movie in your living room, a podcast in the kitchen or the same music across all your Sonos devices – flexibility is key. The latest Sonos components link via your home Wi-Fi but for very best results, linking one component to an Ethernet connection will allow you to take advantage of the famous Sonos 'Mesh' system.

Strength through numbers

The more components you add, the stronger the dedicated wireless mesh becomes. Best of all, because it runs independently from your Wi-Fi, the reliability and strength of the signal is unaffected by Wi-Fi dropouts.

AirPlay control

If you’d prefer to use Apple’s AirPlay instead of the Sonos app, then that’s not a problem with the Amp. AirPlay connects via your home’s Wi-Fi and lets you effortless stream audio from your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPod and other many other compatible devices.

Built for continuous improvement

With its smooth good looks, the Sonos Amp is designed to look every bit as good in years to come as it does now. Yet Sonos have taken the idea of design longevity further by engineering in the ability to update the electronics through future software updates.

Compatible with voice control devices

Simply connect to an Amazon Echo or Google Dot device over Wi-Fi and the Sonos Amp becomes part of your voice controlled smart home system.

Smart, thoughtful design

Every aspect of the Amp’s style has been thoroughly and thoughtfully designed. The compact design is easy to accommodate on a shelf or desk and can be stacked or placed side-by-side in a rack mounting system. The waffle-patterned base plate draws air through for efficient cooling and enhanced reliability. The Amp is one cool product; in every aspect of design

Make your Sonos system even more versatile, with the powerful and talented Sonos Amp.

”These superb floorstanders are right up there with the best.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ 2018 award winner.

Floorstanding power for your music and movies

Featuring a larger cabinet and twin bass woofer units, the Oberon 5 speakers are ideal for medium-large sized rooms. With a maximum power handling of 150 watts, this pair of Dali speakers make a great match for most AV receivers – making them ideal front speakers in a home cinema system.

High quality drive units for reduced distortion

At the heart of the Oberon 5 drivers you'll find an SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) disc magnet system. This highly specialised feature is designed to provide the most accurate speaker control and ultra-low levels of distortion. Featuring low-loss, wood fibre woofers that are based on Dali's reference grade speakers and a brand new, ultra-light tweeter, the Oberon 5 delivers a sound that’s closer than ever to the original.

Designed for your home, not a studio

Finished in a choice of Black Ash, Light Oak, Dark Walnut and White, the Oberon speakers suit a wide range of decors and not just a studio. They are also easy to get the best sound from. Unlike other speakers, they don’t need to be toed-in or pulled a long distance away from the wall behind. They also give a broad range of sound, meaning every seat in the room is a premium seat.

Elegant, contemporary design

As well as a wide choice of finishes, the harmonius design features smooth curves and an elegant floorstand. Although these are floorstanding speakers, they disguise their bulk well and blend effortlessly to your room’s décor.

DALI OBERON 5 (Light Oak)


Brand DALI

Colour Light Oak

Weight (KG) 10.8

Freq Response (Hz) 39 - 26,000

Speaker Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 162 x 283 x 830

Sensitivity (dB) 88

Impedance (ohms) 6

Power Rating (Watts) 150

Wood Light Oak

Speaker Enclosure Type Bass Reflex

Sonos Amp (Black)


Brand Sonos

Colour Black

Apple AirPlay Yes

Power Output - Watts per CH 125 x 2

Optical Digital Inputs 1 (Only with optional optical adaptor to HDMI)

USB Input No

Audio Outputs No

Pre Output No

Sub Output Yes

Headphone Output No

Speaker Sets 1

Analogue RCA Inputs 1

Power Amp In No

Tone Controls Yes (via app only)

Loudness Control Yes (via app only)

Weight (KG) 2.1

Internet Radio Services Yes

Smartphone control Yes

Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 217 x 217 x 64


Wi-Fi Built In yes

Works with Sonos

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