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Cambridge Audio AXC35, AXR100D (Lunar Grey) & DALI OBERON 1 (Dark Walnut)

Cambridge Audio AXC35, AXR100D (Lunar Grey) & DALI OBERON 1 (Dark Walnut)
Cambridge Audio AXC35, AXR100D (Lunar Grey) & DALI OBERON 1 (Dark Walnut)
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  • Stock: 10
  • Model: Cambridge Audio AXC35
  • Weight: 16.60kg
  • Dimensions: 430.00mm x 305.00mm x 75.00mm
  • SKU: BS100000287

A quality CD player with an eye to the future – the Cambridge Audio AXC35 has a digital output for great sound now and even better later.

Putting sound first

Under the lid, the AXC35 is thoroughly engineered. Features such as the centrally mounted CD drive, double-sided circuit boards, separate power and output boards and a top quality Wolfson DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) mark this CD player out as a model for the music connoisseur. To hear the music just as the artist intended, the AXC35 gives your system the best start possible.

Digital output for upgrade potential

A great feature over the AXC25 model below is the standard digital coaxial output. This simple socket gives loads of extra functionality and upgrade potential. Use it to connect directly to a digital amp or AV receiver. Alternatively, connect a digital recording device for the highest quality digital recording. Add an outboard DAC in the future and you’ve also got the potential for even better sound quality.

Now with gapless playback

New to the AXC35 is gapless playback. With some CDs, a marker point is placed between tracks, even though the music runs continuously. This produces an annoying pause in the music as the player reads the track marker. With gapless playback, this is no longer an issue, meaning you get to hear the whole album exactly as the artist intended.

Sleek new style

The entire Cambridge AX Series has a fresh new look that catches the eye. The Lunar Grey front panel contrasts with the black top and sides, making it ‘pop’ into crisp focus. The cool white display and minimalist button count give a timeless style that’s typical of the Cambridge Audio brand. The teardrop profile with wedge foot mirrors the CX Series, showing a strong family link between ranges.

Play your CDs in style, with the Cambridge Audio AXC35.

Now with digital radio, the Cambridge Audio AXR100D provides all the features you need from a stereo receiver. With sound quality to match.

Now with DAB

Already a great all-rounder, the AXR100D stereo receiver now features a built-in DAB, digital radio. This gives you access to a wider range of radio stations, such as BBC 4 Extra, 6 Music and 1 Xtra – without requiring any Internet connection for streaming. Digital sound also gives a hiss-free, reliable reception. An FM tuner is on board for analogue radio, too.

Powerful, 100 watt performer with two sets of speaker outputs

With a mighty 100 watts per channel at hand, the Cambridge Audio AXR100D packs a powerful punch. Providing ample power for the largest rooms, the AXR100D is perfect for filling lofty spaces with smooth, effortless sound. Twin speaker outlets mean you can have a pair of speakers in another room or spread four speakers around a large, open-plan space.

Your whole system connected – including a turntable

Featuring a phono input (for turntable with MM cartridge), the AXR100D is the perfect amp for a vinyl-based system. This is just the beginning, though. Four RCA phono inputs are ideal for a CD player, streamer, games console and other source. There’s also a 3.5mm AUX input at the front that’s handy for temporary connections – such as an MP3 player or smartphone. For more bass, you can add your choice of active subwoofer via the dedicated output.

Digital inputs

As well as being more powerful than the smaller AXR85 model, the AXR100D also features a built-in DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) for connection to your digital sources. Twin optical and a coaxial digital input are perfect for hooking up your TV, games console, DVD/Blu-ray player or any other device with a digital output. Connecting digitally means you can take advantage of the latest digital technology built into the AXR100D, for the best sound possible.

Built-in Bluetooth

With Bluetooth built-in, streaming music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop is just a click away. Pair with your device and effortlessly stream your stored music and popular music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Sleek style

As well as packing in the features and sounding great, the AXR100D combines this with smooth style. The Lunar Grey front panel contrasts with the black top and sides, making it ‘pop’ into crisp focus. The cool white display and logical layout give a timeless style that’s typical of the Cambridge Audio brand. The teardrop profile with wedge foot mirrors the CX Series, showing a strong family link between ranges.

From vinyl to Bluetooth streaming, and everything in between, the Cambridge Audio AXR100D has it covered.

”The Oberon 1s are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high quality small speaker with an unfussy nature.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ – 5 Star review. Tested at £349

Flexible performers

The compact DALI Oberon 1 speaker deliver a full-bodied, natural sound that makes them ideal for many applications. Perfect as main speakers in a small room, surround speakers in a home cinema system or even as high quality desktop speakers, the Oberon 1s are master of all.

High quality drive units for reduced distortion

At the heart of the Oberon 1 drivers you'll find an SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) disc magnet system. This highly specialised feature is designed to provide the most accurate speaker control and ultra-low levels of distortion. Featuring low-loss, wood fibre woofers that are based on DALI's reference grade speakers and a brand new, ultra-light tweeter, the Oberon 1 delivers a sound that’s closer than ever to the original.

Designed for your home, not a studio

Finished in a choice of Black Ash, Light Oak, Dark Walnut and White, the Oberon speakers suit a wide range of decors and not just a studio. They are also easy to get the best sound from. Unlike other speakers, they don’t need to be toed-in or pulled a long distance away from the wall behind. They also give a broad range of sound, meaning every seat in the room is a premium seat.

Elegant, contemporary design

As well as a wide choice of finishes, the harmonius design features smooth curves and an elegant, contrasting front baffle.

Cambridge Audio AXC35 (Lunar Grey)


Brand Cambridge Audio

Colour Lunar Grey

Cd Memory Yes

Cd Text No

Cd Number Of Discs 1

Coaxial Digital Input No

Optical Digital Input No

Gapless Playback Yes

Coaxial Digital Output yes


Remote Control yes

Power Consumption- Normal Use 15

Power Consumption - Standby 0.5

Weight (KG) 4.3

Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 430 x 305 x 75

Freq Response (Hz) 20 - 20,000

Cdrw Playback Compatible Yes

Cambridge Audio AXR100D (Lunar Grey)


Brand Cambridge Audio

Colour Lunar Grey

Power Output - Watts per CH 100 x 2

Tuner Radio DAB/FM

Phono Input Yes - MM

Optical Digital Inputs 2

Coaxial Inputs 1

USB Input No

Power Amp In No

Audio Outputs 1

Pre Output No

Sub Output Yes

Headphone Output Yes

Speaker Sets 2

Tone Controls Yes

Loudness Control No

Power Consumption- Normal Use 500 (Max)

Power Consumption - Standby 0.5

Weight (KG) 8.1

Remote Control yes

Bluetooth Yes

Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 430 x 340 x 110

Analogue RCA Inputs 4

MP3 Front Input Yes - 3.5mm x 1

Freq Response (Hz) 5 - 50,000

DALI OBERON 1 (Dark Walnut)


Brand DALI

Colour Dark Walnut

Freq Response (Hz) 51 - 26,000

Weight (KG) 4.2

Speaker Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 162 x 234 x 274

Sensitivity (dB) 86

Impedance (ohms) 6

Power Rating (Watts) 100

Wood Dark Walnut

Speaker Enclosure Type Bass Reflex

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