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Due to Covid19 we are now only using DHL Delivery to Sri Lanka

Delivery Information

Local Deliveries

Local deliveries are normally 24-48 hours or collect next Day from London or in Colombo.

UK and France originated Products.

We ship items from UK, France and sometimes from Germany in addition to Sri Lanka and China.

 We have a range of options for delivery. Most importantly safety of deliver, and timely delivery.

  • UK based British Shop Standard Delivery starters from £15.00 for light items which is less than of 70USD or less
  • Some expensive Items would have delays and higher charges due to  certified international delivery, and government import taxes
  • Faster Deliver rates are available for urgent items but, would be a added charge for using DHL, Fedex services
  • Certain items can be processed and delivefred to your destination includign custom clearance and custom payments paid off by the Courier. You are liable for any of such orders. Please contact us if you have any concerns